product brand design

what does the product need? the first step is to identify the needs of the product. Price bracket, size and variations, type of product, marketplace, what similar products are out there, what is the packaging design like of competitors? The answers to these questions will give a strong lead as to where we start with the packaging design for your product/s.

product branding - is this a product or a product range that needs to tie in with an existing company brand or an existing range brand?

product range - this can have a great influence on how we go about the packaging design. For example with the Vital Touch basic range we needed to create simple labels that were versatile as the range of products was huge. If we had printed directly on bottles or had a different size label for absolutely every product variation the cost of printing would have been enormous - as would the storage needs!


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packaging design & print

design and production - dreams to produce the most amazing packaging need to be respected and taken notice of and, as we just touched upon, they need to be looked at with the realities of budget constraints.  At Strawberry we are used to working with you to come up with solutions to packaging design that give you beauty and affordability.

packaging that doesn't cost the earth
- literally! We are happy to advise and work with you to source packaging, bottles, label printing, boxes, bags etc that are recycled and or sustainably sourced, locally produced (or as local as possible) and are as friendly to the earth as is realistic. 

packaging dreams - as with all design projects there is sometimes a stretch between your ideals and reality. We like to dream with you and see the dreaming phase as vital to the project - then we see how we can bring these packaging dreams into reality.


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“Strawberry Design really got to grips
with our branding and our ethos. 
Our packaging now communicates our values as well as standing out on shelf."
Katie Whitehouse
Founding Director, Vital Touch





packaging brand design totnes, devon

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