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As with most things there are many ways to go about branding and our approach will partly depend upon your budget. To really get the full appreciation of a brand that reflects, and therefore works for your place in the market, these are the steps we would follow:

initial meeting to look at where you are right now and where you would like to be. Are we developing an existing brand or are we starting from a clean slate?

research into the market and what else is out there.  Ideally a brand is highly individual so you get noticed but also 'fits' with the market. With this research we will spend time getting clear on what you like and don't like, what is needed and what is not, how much leadership you need from us and, vice versa, how much we can expect from you.

initial brand designs - we will then take this into the first stage of the design process. Coming up with several identities for you to chose from and showing them in context so you can see how they might work. This is always done in consultation with you to ensure we are on track.


brand development totnes, devon

using the brand to its fullest

you select a brand concept and we develop this into the final brand, again in consultation with you. This will probably happen in several stages with tweaks and then discussion and then more tweaks, until we are all confident in the brand and the message.

once the brand is developed we can take the concept through all your communication, adjusting it to fit the visual environment and technical needs.

brand in websites - we work carefully within the complexities of the online environment to make sure your brand message is communicated through well thought out website design and development.

brand in brochures and advertising - it's always exciting to see your brand in print or on a sign. We ensure your logo and brand are designed to work in multi media, at any size.

brand in packaging - a lovely box with your brand on it. How delicious is that? Nice crisp sharp print, tactile uncoated stock, the beauty of something held in the hand - and your customers will love it too.


brand design totnes, devon

the proof of the pudding


“We found Strawberry Design great to work with – the whole branding process was hassle free and speedy and we ended up with a great individual and unique product for our new business”
David Goulden
Director, Goulden and Sons


“Strawberry Design worked with us on the launch of our new business. They created a brilliant new logo, as well as marketing material. Strawberry worked with great care and attention to detail. We are thrilled with the results and would
highly recommend them.”

Louise Holman
Director, Rill Estate


branding design totnes, devon

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