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print design covers a wide range of possibilites, from business cards, to display stands, to 180 page corporate reports and glossy brochures. Whichever area of print we are working in the principle is the same, we combine colour and form to create visuals that get you noticed.  When graphic design is applied to print we need to take into account where it will be seen and what material we are printing onto. Once we have got clear on this we can begin to translate your branding and message into its printed form, ensuring colours and visuals stay consistent whether they're on an uncoated brochure or a vinyl cutout for your window or display stand.

what do I need? good question to ask and the answer generally involves looking at what the budget can stretch to. We are always happy to give you our professional opinion on what is the best use of your budget and where savings are a good idea or are false economy.

print management - we offer a print management service in which we source the best quote from our trusted local, fsc certified printers. We manage the whole process for you, so you can rest assured in the quality.


graphic design totnes, devon

printed items

brochures - we have designed brochures from 6 pages to 140 pages. These are equally effective depending upon what the brochure is designed for and who it is going out to. Sometimes it just needs to be visually effective and point people to your website.

corporate reports - we have worked with many companies on their reports, mostly with large corporates on their Social Responsibility or Economic, Social and Environmental Reports, including General Motors, Airbus, Opal and Nationwide.

leaflets, flyers and cards - quick, versatile and generally inexpensive to print these can stand alone or be packaged inside a programme or bespoke folder.

stationery - when we develop branding we usually also create a business card and digital or printed letterhead, sometimes also a compliment slip. We can discuss what stationery design works best for you.

folders and programmes - we have created folders or programmes with leaflet inserts to give flexibilty of use, enabling users to add or remove information.


report and brochure design totnes, devon

and more

exhibition materials - banner stands, exhibition boards, large format posters, leaflets and booklets, digital display images. These are just some of the materials we have provided our clients with when heading off to trade shows and for displays at venues or events.

signage - we design signage for cars, site signs, door signs, interpretation panels, shop windows and exteriors. We can adapt your branding in any way to work on whatever signage you need.

packaging - we have designed an extensive range of printed packaging, including printed bottles, labels, boxes, bags, cd and dvd covers.  We are most proud of the packaging work and bottle labels we have created for Vital Touch.  Visit our packaging page for more information.

advertising - from local newspapers to national glossy magazines, to digital screen adverts we like to think we design adverts that look good and get you noticed. Often with advert design we have to be creative about what we can put in a small space and be aware of what else might be advertised next to it.


graphic designer totnes, devon

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