who we are

rosie perks: creative director

Rosie first established strawberry design in 2000, after 7 years in the industry, both as a freelance designer and having held several positions as in house senior designer. She brings great creativity to her work and a lot of experience. She has an amazing eye for detail and will make sure any project is followed through to its conclusion and standards are not dropped.

Rosie lives and works in south devon because of the quality of life and inspiration she gets from the surroundings - she daily thanks her lucky stars to have an office in such a stunning location. She directs the company from a firm belief that design and advertising are an excellent vehicle for opening the mind and are best used to help make the world a better place.

"I strongly believe design should work for you. I like to listen and take that inspiration into the creative process. Creativity is always a conversation, between client and designer, intuition and reason, budget and vast possibility..." 

we have a great team of professionals
They come with a wealth of industry experience and creative intelligence, including designers, expert web developers and highly experienced copy writers and editors - not to mention our lovely administrator! Some of our more key figures are mentioned here.

design team

sara nunan: designer and illustrator

Sara joined us at the beginning of summer 2014. She has 25 years experience in the design industry with a predominant background in book design, working for many well-known publishing companies.

She has also developed for
the passed ten years as an illustrator, drawing quirky maps, towns and places,
as seen here, adding an extra element to our services.

camilla maxwell-comfort: designer

Camilla works with us from her remote office in London, as well as working freelance on her own projects. She trained at the London College of Printing and acquired her initial experience at Zomba Records, the world’s largest independent record company. Camilla has been in the industry for over 10 years and creates modern, fluid designs with freshness and originality. She was the branding brain for breakthroughemotionaleating.com - amongst other projects.

jo mcgain also works in the office and does account managing and design support for us.  You may well have the pleasure of communicating with her at some point should you chose to work with us.

associates and developers

web developers we work with some fine web developers, each with their own areas of expertise, giving us the luxury of being able to fit the developer to the project rather than the project to the developer:

simon osborne of ID&T has worked along side Strawberry Design for more than 5 years now and we have created some great websites together, including wildwise.co.uk, thepracticeuk.com, bee-you.com, pilates-southwest.co.uk.  All our 'design colection' semi bespoke sites are managed by Simon.

nick gornall of iTQ9 has worked with us on several projects now - gretajensen.com and the simple more template based site for gouldenandsons.co.uk. We have several more projects in the pipeline.

marcus link of Link&Co, has worked with us on several projects including this site, rillestate.co.uk, mariaeditantal.com and weddings-and-ceremonies.com. He now specialises in project development of sites using WordPress.

business strategy and marketing again we are in the fortunate posiion of having several asociates in this field enabling us to pull in the expertise we need as and when we need it.

We have worked along side penny little on a range of projects. Putting together business strategy heads with creative development heads and coming out with great results. Some of the clients we have shared are Tumblehome, Rill Estate and Goulden & Sons.

scratching the surface and anna lodge are also associate consultants in strategic thinking and communications.

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