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Rick Wallis of Southfield in Totnes contacted us for a re-brand in 2016.  The starting point was the then current Southfield Windows logo/brand.  Southfield Group is a local family run company in Totnes. The group currently includes Southfield Windows and Southfield Construction Products (SCP). The brief was to create a more current brand that represented their professionalism and reliability. The brand would need to include the current parts of the group and be expanded into as the group developed with sub-brands such as 'Southfield Bespoke' and 'Southfield Maintain'.

This is where it started: Southfield Windows original brand

After a thorough brand process, including research into competitors and presenting several options on brand concepts this was the new Southfield brand we came up with:

   Southfield Windows Brand        Southfield Group Brand       Southfield Construction Products Brand

Southfield are a thriving and busy business so there has been limited time for projects such as a full website rebuild, so we are working slowly and methodically alongside Southfield to update their promotional materials and signage.  

Currently we have created the framework for a bespoke Southfield Windows brochure, updated their signage for the premises, created on site boards for when they are out on a project and updated all of their stationery.  We have also supported them to put a sticking plaster on their current website so that it reflects the new brand and are in conversations with them about a full Southfield Group website development project in order to better represent their professional high quality work and level of service.